This week The Otters talk about how not confronting irrational fears is creating a generation of unhealthy adults and leading to more divisive politics in America. Also, we delve into a new problem in Nevada law that puts people in certain career choices in harms way and also causes those who have been forced into modern day slavery to fear seeking help.

The Otters discuss the recent Harvey Weinstein scandal in Hollywood, Mayim Bailik’s New York Times article that people are claiming to be victim blaming, and how the Hollywood bubble may be perpetuating the ideas of a national rape culture.

As the nation witnesses the worst mass shooting in modern American history, people begin to discuss ways to heal the nation and how to prevent tragedies life this from occurring. The Otters discuss what can be done about mass shootings and the best way to decrease gun deaths while also keeping personal liberties intact.

This week we examine statements made by Former First Lady Michelle Obama, Lifestyle Network Ads, and Athletes at the U of A and College in general.

This week we clarify our views on our statements on the Philando Castile shooting from Ep. 07 and go into more detail on how to fix healthcare in the United States.

With Michaela off for the week John gets to talk about Ben Shapiro and dividing California into three separate states.

Enraged by the ludicrous statements made in favor of a vegan diet, The Otters shanghai their political podcast this week to rant about the documentary What the Health.

A new study is published that discusses the results of trying to push women into S.T.E.M. fields. Also, with Hurricane Harvey making landfall this past week and tales of price gouging in the disaster area, The Otters discuss what they think about price gouging.

As The Otters return to Arizona so does a certain President Trump who leaves a trail of controversy behind for The Otters to discuss. Join The Otters this week as they talk about the Pardoning of Sheriff Joe Arpaio and the morality behind Trump’s Wall.

The Otters delve into the conundrum that is the regressive left (a.k.a Social Justice Warriors) and their motivations and rationale. The Otters also discuss the reasons why the Netflix series “13 Reasons Why” sends a terrible message.