As Trump rolls out his Transgender Military Ban and Congress fails, again, to bring about any healthcare reform The Otters reflect on how American citizens can help improve the U.S. healthcare situation.

As Antifa protesters hit the G20 summit in force to harass news reporter Lauren Southern and attack other defenseless “Fascist” reporters the Otters discuss the solution to political extremists.

With Michaela gone due to a wisdom teeth extraction John is left alone to discuss why America is so great and what we need to do to keep it great.

As the verdict for the Philando Castile shooting comes in the Otters Discuss the responsibility of one’s own actions.

In the wake of the Alexandria shooting and a girl encouraging her boyfriend to commit suicide, The Otters discuss what exactly is a call to action and who is and isn’t responsible for people’s actions.

Tired of the macabre, The Otters decide to take a political test and discuss the questions as a way to hopefully make future episodes a little bit brighter. Join The Otters as they find out which one of them is the secret Liberal.

The Otters discuss the new info on Comey’s firing by Trump and how it pertains to the alleged Trump/Russian collusion in the 2016 Presidential Election

The Otters discuss Trump’s tour of Europe as well as what his walking away from the Paris climate deal means for America.

As The House goes into a week of deliberating bills focusing on protecting children, The Otters discuss a new Netflix documentary that hits close to home for Michaela literally and metaphorically.

For their first ever podcast The Otters Discuss the new trend of “Stealthing”, the terrible Young Turks, and Viceland’s Jungle Town. Sit back, relax, pour some chips on your belly and enjoy.