This week the Rep. Devin Nunes FISA memo is released to the public and its contents are as bad as we imagined. The Otters also discuss Pres. Trump’s state of the union speech, corporations making their own healthcare system, Walmart racism allegations, and an assault at the Nassar trial.

Staying out of speculation on Pres. Trump, this week The Otters discuss the Larry Nassar trial, civil assets forfeiture in in the Nederlands, and a bill in California that would fine waiters for straw use.

This week The Otters discuss the Babe magazine article accusing Aziz Ansari of sexual assault, the passing of FISA, and the federal government shutdown.

In this weeks make up episode, The Otters discuss the gossip that is the Fire and Fury, how Trump is doing at being President, and new California Legislature that will complement the new SALT tax deduction.

Back from their long and unannounced break. The Otters start 2018 by taking on issues of employer supplied birth control, surrogacy, and what defines hate speech.

This week Liberty At Large’s host Daniel joins The Otter Couple for an interview and to talk about life as a libertarian, how Daniel became a libertarian, and running a political podcast.

Full of turkey and pumpkin pie, The Otter Couple discuss the real moral of Thanksgiving and how Capitalism is the only system to solve the tragedy of the commons and the free rider problem without relying on force. The Otters also discuss the reason why Net Neutrality has become a hot button issue and how we can solve it on a local level.

The Otters discusses a criminal law system in California that is immorally forcing people to pay to be sued. We also delve into the tragedy of the commons through the example of elephant populations in Africa and how tag buying systems for trophy hunting large animals can actually help protect these animals form extinction.

Suffering from a little bug, The Otters try not to wade into heady topics and instead discuss the pop culture controversies of the week.

Donna Brazile releases a excerpt from her up coming book that gives more volition to the accusation that the DNC unethically pushes Hillary to a victory in the Democratic primary after receiving party saving funding from the Clinton campaign. Also this week, The Otters discuss how Arizona Clean Elections Commission is inefficiently attempting to create fair election funding.