With President Trump bombing Syria to punish Assad for a chemical weapons attack, The Otters discuss what we as a nation should do in Syria if anything. Also, This week The Otters discuss a bill in Nebraska that would help criminals find work after they’re released and a bill from California that may level the playing field for speakers at public colleges.

This week The Otters discuss using solitary confinement on juvenile delinquents, a women going to jail in South Africa for speaking racist words, and why free speech is important for the minority idea.

With the March for Our Lives occurring and anti-gun sentiment being the topic of the month, The Otters discuss some of the dishonest arguments anti-gun people use and the issue of confirmation bias. The Otters also discuss the IRS and devolve into 2007 stock market crash.

This week The Otters discuss the history of Trump’s new appointee to the head of the CIA and how a money based bail reform is not the best for respecting a person’s rights.

This week The Otters delve into police accusations of negligent homicide, Anti-death penalty policies causing more harm to inmates, Iranian Women being jailed for removing head scarves, and racist social experiments.

This week The Otters look outside the United States to countries where communist and socialist governments are pushing an agenda that violates the rights of their citizens. The Otters also return to the gun discussion happening in America by talking about what President Donald Trump and some private companies are doing.

This week The Otters discuss the tragedy and fallout from the Parkland school shooting, the misinformation about firearms spread by public figures, and the horrible handling of discussion around issues by the media.


As of recording this episode it had not been discovered that there were actually 4 officers at the Parkland School shooting. This does not detract from the point, but should be noted as to prevent misinformation.

Giving respect to the victims of the Parkland shooting, The Otters discuss a tangential issue of news organizations spreading misinformation and not doing their due diligence as journalists. The Otters also discuss accusations of autism leading to libertarian ideals and classical books being removed from public school curriculum.

With the second government shutdown occurring, if only for a few hours, due to Kentucky Folk Hero Sen. Rand Paul, The Otters discuss the improper use of the federal government, military auditing, and how we view America’s position in other countries.