This week The Otter Couple discusses a NY Judge court ruling that Trump can’t block people, Democrat Senators trying to punish private citizens for discrimination, Gorsuch’s first swing vote decision, how to stop people from speeding in a libertarian manner, and Truth.com propaganda.

In a Special Episode John is joined by Brian Nichols of the Brian Nichols Show, a libertarian leaning podcast with the goal of educating, enlightening, and informing.

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This week John of Otters Talking Politics discusses the U.S./Iran deal, Iran’s rocket strike on Israel, and Connecticut deciding to vote for the President based on popular vote.

This week The Otters discuss what went right and what went wrong with the White House Correspondents’ Dinner, a Detroit woman who was charged with felony assault, what the government is doing with your money, and why people should be allowed to use public property.

This episode John Otter brings on Billy Robb of The Political Notebook to discuss Arizona’s teacher strike movement #RedForEd and what seems to be a co-opting of the teacher’s movement for non-education reform reasons.

This week John Otter is all by himself discussing the issue of nationalized healthcare as pertaining to baby Alfie of the UK, CO lawmakers wanting to jail teachers, and the Count Dankula Free Speech issue.

This week the Otters discuss drug cartels influencing Mexico’s elections, decriminalizing marijuana & prostitution, and things that bothered us this week.