Ep. 47 Trump Blocking People on Twitter & Corporate Arbitrage

This week The Otter Couple discusses a NY Judge court ruling that Trump can’t block people, Democrat Senators trying to punish private citizens for discrimination, Gorsuch’s first swing vote decision, how to stop people from speeding in a libertarian manner, and Truth.com propaganda. Follow us on Twitter @politicalotters Support our …

Ep. 44 White House Correspondents’ Dinner & Immoral Government Force

This week The Otters discuss what went right and what went wrong with the White House Correspondents’ Dinner, a Detroit woman who was charged with felony assault, what the government is doing with your money, and why people should be allowed to use public property.   Watch the new Biztalks …

Ep. 43 RedForEd Teachers’ Strike w/ The Political Notebook

This episode John Otter brings on Billy Robb of The Political Notebook to discuss Arizona’s teacher strike movement #RedForEd and what seems to be a co-opting of the teacher’s movement for non-education reform reasons. Follow Billy Robb on Twitter @billyrobb33 Listen to The Political Notebook on all major platforms

Ep. 41 Schumer’s 4/20 Announcement & 2018 Midterm Elections

This week the Otters discuss drug cartels influencing Mexico’s elections, decriminalizing marijuana & prostitution, and things that bothered us this week. Follow us on Twitter: @politicalotters Enter into our Giveaway: Otterstalkingpolitics.com/contact/ Support @libertylarge Visit biztalks.co to learn how to become a better businessman Special thanks for music by Quickly Quickly

Ep. 39 Solitary Confinement for Children & Jailing Hate Speech

This week The Otters discuss using solitary confinement on juvenile delinquents, a women going to jail in South Africa for speaking racist words, and why free speech is important for the minority idea. Follow us on Twitter @PoliticalOtters Support Liberty at Large on Twitter @libertylarge Become a better businessman at …