AB-478 Mandatory Training I Can Get Behind

February 12th, California Assemblyman Kevin Kiley (R-6) proposed a bill that seeks to fix a problem long standing by mandating people go through 2 hours of training on the subject matter.

Now you may think me a hypocrite for promoting the government force anyone to do something they may not want to, but AB-478 is a special case because the government would be forcing the government to learn about… the government.

Asm. Kiley’s bill AB-478 would require “each Member of the Legislature to attend a 2-hour training on the United States and California Constitutions upon being sworn into office.”

Far too often we see politicians on the Federal and State levels unable to even cite basic knowledge from our Constitution let alone construct a rational argument. Like most of us did in high school (myself included), politicians in these mandatory training sessions may just tune out or play on their phones. However, if even an iota of extra information makes its way into their memory then I think that’s a sacrifice of their time I’m willing to make.

So, while force is often a bad thing, maybe in the case of AB-478 we can all turn a blind eye and get behind in support.

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